“My designs express who I am and what inspires me” – Nadine Delalle

Delalla Lunette DeMilune The House of Eyewear Paris


Synonymous with luxury and individuality, Delalle’s designs are daring and eclectic. Driven by her passion for fashion, music and art, Nadine Delalle would sometimes find her inspiration in her dreams.

Delalle Lunette DeHex The House of Eyewear Paris


The unique sens of style of the collection, modern and fearless, will please the thrill-seeker, risk-taker and dreamer in you.

All the sunglasses are designed in Nadine’s London studio and each frame is entrusted to the expert hands of Japanese craftsmen.

 FDelalle Lunette DeFying The House of Eyewear Paris


The collection is made of three different shapes: DeHex, Lune and DeFying respectively industrial and architectural, feminine and spiky, lively and colorful.

We invite you to come and see these special editions at our shop The House of Eyewear, 30 rue de la Tremoille 75008 Paris.



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