The Castiglionis, an Italian familly run business, well known for its luxurious furs, suffered as slight decline in the 90′s. That is in this situation Consuelo joined the empire and has founded the brand Marni in 1994.


Consuelo’s creations are destined for elegant women looking for exclusive products. The dress style matches the harmony of colors and shapes to a unique talent in which she excells : the great management of volumes.

Since then, the brand has evolved and many lines for man, jewelery and accesories have been added. In 2005, she launched its spectacles collection. Like a couture house, two collections are  created each year fallowing trends Autumn / Winter and Spring / Summer. The shapes and colors change through the seasons and come as the final detail to refine an outfit. We recognise the soul of Marni : be free and have fun.




Designed and manufactured in Milan Italy in Marni’s workshop, the glasses are a perfect match to the philosophy and the quality standards of the brand.




The new collection Spring / Summer 2016 has just arrived in the store 30 rue de la Trémoille, Paris.



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