We have the great pleasure to present you Quantum, the latest range of our favorite Danish brand Orgreen.


Created in 1997 in Copenhagen by three Danish friends, Orgreen whose style was inspired by the automobile and American industries of the 50’s combines art and quality. Years of innovation and beautiful glasses have convinced many customers from all over the world.

What if I was talking about glasses in 3D printing, would you believe me?
Why would optic be left behind new technologies? Why couldn’t it benefit from this unique process?
Made from different materials such as titanium or polyamide and a large variety of colors you will definitely find a pair of glasses to match your every mood. This range is both feminine and masculine and provides comfort and aestheticism.
The hinges completely assembled without screws have an absolute resistance and a perfect design. This collection is a resounding success.

Quantum-orgreen-model photo

Henrik ORGREEN : “We wanted to do it simple. But then again, simple is always harder”
Available now at The House of Eyewear


To find more information about fabulous Orgreen, read our article !

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