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Emmanuelle Khanh

Emmanuelle Khanh is a name which has been echoing for decades in France.

This distinguished lady was originally a model in the late sixties but her interest in fashion and stylishness trod over the simple catwalk of luxurious brands. Continuer la lecture

Sweets for your kids

Caroline Abram is a colorful woman. Her different origins from India, Poland, Caribbean and Brittany helped to amplify her creative potential and we can trace this incredible melting pot in the wonderful collection of feminine and acidulous glasses.

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Têtes à Lunettes

Caroline Abram est une femme aux multiples couleurs. Ses différentes origines indiennes, polonaises, antillaises et bretonnes ont su amplifier son potentiel créatif et nous retrouvons ce melting pot incroyable dans ses collections de lunettes très féminines aux couleurs acidulées.

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